The Eternal Construction Site

    Status     My further plannings in "No chronical Order"!                            
   in progress Moving to the existing 2 x 14 Core Server with upto 60 TByte Space
   in progress Securing the BBS with an (existing) Hardware-Firewall
        done Establishing two USRobotics Modem-Lines (I know, nobody will need it!)
     pending Customizing and "Fine Tuning" the BBS (Menues, Tools, etc.)
   in progress Connecting the BBS to additional "Fido-compatible" Nets
     pending Establishing some Game-Servers like Tradewars 2002, GameSrv, etc.
     pending Installing some Onlinegames, ex. L.O.R.D., Barren Realms, etc.
   in progress Finishing the different existing BBS Programs and -tools Conferences
==> More than 100 different BBS Programs are actual online
   in progress Continuation of setting up the DOS/WINDOWS/AMIGA/OS2 and Linux File-Conferences (from Retro till Today)
     pending Trying to get in Contact with existing ANSI/ASCII-Groups
   in progress Establishing German and French languages to the BBS
     pending Running beside a Forum Software like phpBB with link to the BBS (File Conferences)
Main Theme: BBS'ing, Retro Computer/Technics/Networking, etc.

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